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Motivating Community for the Next Generation of Pacific Islanders


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Hafa Adai! I’m Clarice Dlg. Arriola and I’m pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at the Northern Marianas College. I am a proud recipient of the AANAPISI and Wells Fargo scholarship. I am a Chamorro from the beautiful island of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, which is located in the Western Pacific Ocean. I am a fulltime college student, fulltime mother of three children, a wife and have been employed at the Northern Marianas College for 13 years. I am a first generation college student and I hope to encourage my fellow Pacific Islanders of the importance of earning a college degree and how it can positively impact your lifestyle. I want to be able to motivate my community to be educated and trained so that we have strong economy to provide better opportunities for our people and the younger generation.

The AANAPISI program encourages the demographics of the Asian American and Native Pacific Islanders to challenge themselves to pursue a college degree that will define them as they represent their cultural background. The AANAPISI website provides information on resources and scholarships that can help eligible students as they complete their college degree. The AANAPISI program helped me with my college experience and I'm grateful for its support.

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